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Wound Management Education

The Advanced Wound Management Medical Education Department is dedicated to anticipating the needs of our customers and to providing educational experiences that are appropriate and valued. It is also our intent to develop an educational culture that embraces the sharing of information within our organization and with our business partners. The Clinical Education Team develops, provides, and evaluates the effectiveness of education for our customers. The team continually assess these educational offerings for relevance, acceptance, and to ensure that they are clinically and educationally sound.

Classroom to Bedside

Healthcare today requires knowledge and critical thinking skills from those who provide care at the bedside. And, with all the demands on healthcare providers, it can be challenging to sustain classroom learning at the bedside. For this reason, S&N offers Classroom to Bedside, a program which provides on-demand learning about wound care and pressure ulcer prevention.

This multi-media education program offers

  • Clinical education
  • Product training
  • Bedside tools

Our goals

  • To provide information which will empower nurses, and other care providers, with resources for a successful and sustainable skin and wound care practice
  • To help healthcare providers appropriately select and use Smith and Nephew wound care products.

Let Smith and Nephew's education programs help you

  • Reduce clinical practice variation and product waste
  • Teach best-practices for pressure ulcer prevention and wound management
  • Use supportive tools to reinforce best practies at the bedside
  • Implement a complete program that fits the needs of your team

Go beyond the classroom

  • Team focus on skin and wound care
  • Select a core product formulary to simplify decisions and reduce waste
  • Improve knowledge of non-expert wound care providers
  • Align practice guidelines to current, evidence-based standards of care
  • Use supportive tools to guide bedside decisions and care

Classroom to Bedside is based upon four frequently requested topics

  • Pressure ulcer prevention (pdf)
  • Wound Assessment and Documentation (pdf) (Video)
  • Managing the non-healing wound: principles of wound bed preparation (pdf) (Video)
  • Advanced wound care: products and negative pressure wound therapy (pdf)  
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Professional Development

The Professional Development Team understands how important it is for our sales professionals to develop skills that will help them become more confident and knowledgeable in their career.

That's why we offer comprehensive educational opportunities for our sales professionals. These development programs equip them with the tools to become a true resource to their customers - focusing on their needs and exceeding their expectations.

Our sales force makes a valuable contribution to the success of our business, and our customers' businesses. By recognizing and supporting the needs of our field sales professionals, we truly believe that we are investing not only in our company's success, but also in our customers' future.

Global Wound Academy

The Global Wound Academy provides worldwide access to education and information about the therapeutic area of wound management.

The Academy offers a series of modular courses at different levels through which you can extend your knowledge of skin and wound care. To this effect, 'The Learning Zone' presents the theory of wound management, moving from basic principles of physiology to advanced wound care and current research in the management of patients with wounds.

Additionally, the interactive patient studies enable you to assess, diagnose and treat patients based on their medical history and the results of the clinical tests.