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Investor presentations

The slides and webcasts for investor presentations are available to view and download below.

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Adobe Acrobat PDF iconInvestor Presentation October- December 2022

Adobe Acrobat PDF iconInvestor Presentation July-September 2022

Acrobat Investor Presentation April - June 2022

Acrobat Investor Presentation January - March 2022

Acrobat JP Morgan Annual Healthcare Conference Presentation – 11 January 2022 


16 December 2021
Meet the Management

Acrobat Smith+Nephew Meet the Management presentation - Strategy for Growth
Acrobat Smith+Nephew Meet the Management transcript

Breakout sessions presentations

Acrobat Smith+Nephew Meet the Management - Orthopaedics
Acrobat Smith+Nephew Meet the Management - Sports Medicine & ENT
Acrobat Smith+Nephew Meet the Management - Advanced Wound Management

AcrobatInvestor presentation October - December 2021

Acrobat Investor presentation July - September 2021

Acrobat Investor presentation April - June 2021

Acrobat Investor presentation January - March 2021


Acrobat Investor presentation October - December 2020

Acrobat Virtual Investor Event presentation: Innovation in Focus - 8 September 2020
Acrobat Virtual Investor Event transcript - 8 September 2020

Acrobat Investor presentation July - September 2020

Acrobat Investor presentation April - June 2020

Acrobat Investor presentation January - March 2020



Acrobat Investor presentation October - December 2019 

Acrobat Investor presentation July - September 2019

Acrobat Investor presentation April - June 2019

Acrobat AAOS 2019 Investor Event presentation slides 13 March 2019
AcrobatOsiris acquisition analyst conference call - presentation slides 12 March 2019

Acrobat Investor presentation January - March 2019 (PDF 633KB)

Acrobat JP Morgan Annual Healthcare Conference presentation transcript (PDF)
Acrobat JP Morgan Annual Healthcare Conference presentation slides (PDF 417KB)
Acrobat JP Morgan Annual Healthcare Conference presentation Q&A transcript (PDF 47KB)


Acrobat Investor Presentation October - December 2018 (PDF 1 MB)

Acrobat Investor Presentation July - September 2018 (PDF 1MB)

Acrobat Investor Presentation May - July 2018 (PDF 1.6 MB)

Acrobat Investor Presentation January - March 2018 (PDF 1.35 MB)


Acrobat Investor Presentation November - December 2017 (PDF 1.7 MB)

Acrobat Investor Presentation July - September 2017 (PDF 2 MB)

Acrobat Investor Presentation slides May - July 2017 (PDF 1.5 MB)

Acrobat Investor Presentation slides January - March 2017 (PDF 2 MB)


Acrobat  Investor Presentation slides November - December 2016 (PDF 1965 KB)

Acrobat  Investor Presentation slides July - September 2016 (PDF 1694 KB)

Acrobat  Investor Presentation slides May - July 2016 (PDF 1654 KB)

Acrobat Investor Presentation slides January - March 2016  (PDF 1MB)


Adobe Acrobat PDF icon Capital Markets event, London, UK, 10 November 2015 presentation slides (PDF 6MB)

Acrobat  Investor presentation slides October 2015 (PDF 1MB)

Acrobat  Investor presentation slides July 2015 (PDF 1MB)

Acrobat  Investor presentation slides April 2015 (PDF 1MB)

12 January 2015

JP Morgan Healthcare Conference
San Francisco, US
Acrobat  View the presentation slides by Olivier Bohuon (PDF 360 KB)
Listen to the presentation (streaming MP3)
Listen to the Q&A (streaming MP3)


11 November 2014

Capital Markets Event - Sports Medicine
London Stock Exchange, London UK
Acrobat Capital Markets event, Sports Medicine presentation slides (PDF 2MB)

14 January 2014

JP Morgan Healthcare Conference
Acrobat  JP Morgan Healthcare Conference presentation slides by Phil Cowdy (PDF 749 KB) 


March 2013

Advanced Wound Management - New business unit analysis
Acrobat  View the presentation slides (PDF 280KB)


29 November 2012

Capital Markets Events, York, UK
View the webcast
Acrobat  Welcome (PDF 854KB)
Acrobat  Introduction (PDF 813KB)
Acrobat  Advanced Surgical Devices presentation (PDF 2.1MB)}
Acrobat  Emerging Markets/International Markets presentation (PDF 3.5MB)
Acrobat  Advanced Wound Management presentation (PDF 2.6MB)
Acrobat  HR presentation (PDF 860KB)
Acrobat  Summary (PDF 750KB)

28 November 2012

Smith & Nephew Healthpoint Biotherapeutics Analyst Conference Call 
Acrobat  View the slides (PDF 251KB)
Acrobat  Read the transcript of the conference call (PDF 184KB)
Read the announcement

3 July 2012

Joint Reconstruction Seminar

Acrobat  "Welcome" presentation by Olivier Bohuon PDF (PDF 325 KB) 
Acrobat  "Change is the only certainty" presentation by Prof. Dr. Daniël Saris (PDF 4MB) 
Acrobat  "Smith & Nephew's hip and knee implant portfolio" presentation by Stéphane Thiroloix (PDF 1MB)

10 May 2012

Exane BNP Paribas Conference
Acrobat Presention by Olivier Bohuon (PDF 431KB) 

9 January 2012

JP Morgan Healthcare Conference 
Watch presentation by Olivier Bohuon video (video 8MB) 
Acrobat  View presentation by Olivier Bohuon slides (PDF 420KB)


21 January 2011

JP Morgan Healthcare Conference
Listen to the presentation by Dave Illingworth MP3 (7MB) 
Acrobat  View the presentation slides by Dave Illingworth PDF (1.3MB)


9 September 2010

Goldman Sachs Medtech Conference
Acrobat  Presentation by Dave Illingworth, Chief Executive (PDF 1.6MB) 

10 May 2010

Exane BNP Paribas Conference
Acrobat  Presentation by Adrian Hennah, Chief Financial Officer (PDF 230KB)

11 January 2010

JP Morgan Healthcare Conference
Watch video presentation by Dave Illingworth, Chief Executive MP3 (16MB) 
Acrobat  View slides presentation by Dave Illingworth, Chief Executive PDF (800KB)


19/20 November 2009

Investor and Analyst meeting – Zürich
Acrobat  Welcome (PDF 410 KB) 
Acrobat  Global Operations (PDF 1.5MB) 
Acrobat  Advanced Wound Management in Europe (PDF 2MB) 
Acrobat  Endoscopy in Europe (PDF 1.7MB) 
Acrobat  Orthopaedics in Europe (PDF 2.3MB) 
Acrobat  Medical device reimbursement in the EU (PDF 2MB) 
Acrobat  Emerging Markets (PDF 1.1MB)

3 September 2009

Goldman Sachs Presentation
Acrobat  European Medtech and Healthcare Services Conference by Dave Illingworth PDF (407.70 KB)

25 June 2009

CEO's Round Table
Acrobat  Presentation by David Illingworth, Chief Executive PDF (408.85 KB) 

13 January 2009

JP Morgan Healthcare Conference
Acrobat  Presentation by David Illingworth, Chief Executive PDF (290.92 KB)


11 December 2008

CEO's Round Table
Acrobat  Round Table presentation by David Illingworth, Chief Executive (PDF 2.3M) 

20 March 2008

Lehman Bros Global Healthcare Conference 
Acrobat  Presentation by David Illingworth, Chief Executive (PDF 1.2 MB) 

18 March 2008

S G Cowen Healthcare Conference 
Acrobat  Presentation by David Illingworth, Chief Executive (PDF 1.2 MB) 

7 March 2008

2008 American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons 
Acrobat  Analyst meeting presentation (PDF 9.7M)
Acrobat  Conference Call Transcript (DOC 730 KB)


21 June 2007

Piper Jaffray Health Care Conference
Acrobat  Presentation by David Illingworth (PDF 1.3 MB) 

12 March 2007

Acquisition of Plus Orthopedics 
Acrobat  Conference call slide presentation  (1.2MB) 
Acrobat  Conference call transcript (PDF 160 KB)

14 February 2007

Smith & Nephew Analyst & Investor Meeting at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS)
Acrobat  Analyst presentation (PDF 1.7 MB) 
Acrobat  Transcript (PDF 180 KB)


15 November 2006

Close Encounter with BHR◊
Acrobat  Sir Christopher O’Donnell Chief Executive (PDF 185 KB) 

Orthopaedic Reconstruction
Acrobat  Todd Durniak, Vice President, Global Marketing (PDF 800KB) 

Knee product review
Acrobat  Todd Durniak/Brian McKinnon PDF (PDF 1.4MB) 

Hip product review
Acrobat  David Kelman, PE Group Director Hip Development (PDF 1MB) 

The future of BHR◊
Acrobat  Brian Austin and Tim Band (PDF 1.2MB)

23 June 2006

Piper Jaffray Health Care Conference
Acrobat  Presentation by Sir Christopher O'Donnell (PDF 240 KB) 

Morgan Stanley Healthcare Conference 2006
Acrobat  Presentation by Sir Christopher O'Donnell  (PDF 1.5MB)

22 March 2006

AAOS 2006 Analyst Presentation
Acrobat  Smith & Nephew Analyst & Investor Meeting at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) (PDF 530 KB)

3 January 2006

Bear Stearns 2006 London Healthcare
Acrobat  Presentation by Sir Christopher O'Donnell, Chief Executive (PDF 600 KB)


1 November 2005

Royal Academy of Engineering presentation and transcript
Acrobat  Presentation by Sir Christopher O'Donnell (PDF 2.1MB) 

25 October 2005

Cleveland Clinic Foundation 
Acrobat  Presentation by Sir Christopher O'Donnell PDF (3394.14 KB)

15 September 2005

Acrobat  Smith & Nephew Analyst Meeting - Memphis DOC (702.80 KB)

13 September 2005

Acrobat  Bear Stearns Healthcare Conference DOC  (51.00 KB) 

15 June 2005

Goldman Sachs Global Healthcare Conference
Acrobat  Presentation by Peter Hooley, Finance Director DOC (70.00 KB)

23 February 2005

Smith & Nephew Analyst and Investor, Meeting at the AAOS
Acrobat  Introduction - Sir Christopher O'Donnell PDF (2.1MB) 
Acrobat  Endoscopy Presentation - Jim Taylor PDF (2.2MB) 
Acrobat  Focus On Shoulder Repair - Dr Joshua Siegel PDF (1.3MB) 
Acrobat  Orthopaedics Presentation - David Illingworth PDF (4.4MB) 
Acrobat  Evaluating PERI-LOC◊ plating system - Dr Gregory Georgiadis PDF (1.3MB)

Third Quarter 2022 Results

We released our third quarter trading results on Thursday 3 November 2022.