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Hip Positioning System with Active Heel* Technology


Hip Positioning System with Active Heel Technology

A secure, flexible and easy-to-use positioning system for hip arthroscopy procedures.

  • Can be configured for use in arthroscopic procedures of the central compartment by distracting a patient’s leg.
  • Firmly supports and secures patient during procedures related to the peripheral and lateral compartments.
  • Innovative Active HeelTM Traction Boot conforms to an individual’s anatomy and holds patient securely in place.1
  • Quick Disconnect feature allows for dynamic assessment of bony work during FAI procedures.2
  • Ball joint allows the hip to be easily flexed, abducted or adducted – movements that are especially important for emerging arthroscopic techniques.
  • Easily attaches to many OR tables, eliminating the need to add an expensive fracture table to the OR.
  • Lateral and supine systems available.
  • C-arm compatible. 

(TM) Active Heel is a trademark of Allen Medical

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1,2. Design Validation Protocol & Report: 15001898

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