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Suture Anchor for Hip


The HEALICOIL Suture Anchor is the first suture anchor for gluteus medius and minimus repairs from Smith & Nephew. The open architecture of the HEALICOIL PK Suture Anchor allows for new bone to fill the fenestrations between threads and into the central channel

  • High torsional strength provides predictable insertion: The HEALICOIL Inserter engages 100% of the anchor's length, helping to minimize stress and provide predictable insertion.
  • Strong fixation strength with less material: The unique open-architecture design of the HEALICOIL PK Hip Suture Anchor reduces the amount of material left behind.
  • Proven biocompatibility from PEEK-OPTIMA® Polymer from Invibio®: Proven biocompatibility, strength, and radiolucency.


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