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Family of Fixation Devices


ENDOBUTTON Family of Fixation Devices

Since its introduction in 1993, the ENDOBUTTON Fixation Device and its associated flipping technique have become a trusted choice and leading femoral fixation solution for surgeons who perform ACL reconstruction.

  • ENDOBUTTON CL ULTRA 10mm Fixation Device: Now available with a 10 mm continuous loop of suture to accommodate the shorter femoral tunnels used in anatomic ACL reconstruction techniques and maximize the amount of graft in the tunnel.
  • ENDOBUTTON DIRECT Fixation Device: This titanium ENDOBUTTON device maximizes the amount of graft in the tunnel, an ideal solution for accommodating shorter femoral tunnels that result from more anatomic placement.
  • ENDOBUTTON Fixation Device: This titanium button is the original endoscopic femoral soft tissue fixation device, and where the ENDOBUTTON Fixation Device revolution began. It can be used for single incision, soft tissue, or bone-tendon-bone fixation.
  • ENDOBUTTON CL BTB Fixation Device: Available in 15 mm to 60 mm loop lengths, the ENDOBUTTON CL BTB fixation device provides dependable fixation for bone-tendon-bone ACL reconstruction procedures while providing total bone-to-graft contact at the tunnel aperture.
  • XTENDOBUTTON Fixation Device: The Smith & Nephew XTENDOBUTTON Fixation Device, used in conjunction with any Smith & Nephew ENDOBUTTON device, allows a 6 mm to 10 mm area of the femoral tunnel to be covered. In addition to providing an effective solution for cortical blowouts, this device offers a variety of benefits to surgeons
  • ENDOBUTTON INDICATOR Selection Device: This reusable device helps you to easily determine what size ENDOBUTTON CL ULTRA Fixation Device to use in your ACL reconstructions. The device takes into account femoral tunnel length, graft depth and drilling depth, and then from this information indicates the appropriate ENDOBUTTON CL ULTRA device size.
  • CL DEVICE: Available in six sizes, from 25 mm to 50 mm, this continuous loop of suture eliminates the need for knot tying. Ideal for a post or screw-and-washer technique.

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