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Neck Preserving Hip Stem


Neck Preserving Hip Stem

NANOS◊ provides a clinically proven1-13 neck preserving short stem solution based on the true anatomy of the proximal femur. Since its introduction in 2004, NANOS was implanted over 55’000 times.

Material and Surface

The implant is made of a proximal osteoconductive coated titanium forged-alloy (ISO 5832-3). The surface roughness of the porous titanium plasma coating does on one hand increase the surface area and on the other ensures primary stability2.The additional calcium phosphate BONIT® coating is restorable and accelerates the osseointegration process14-15.

Bone preserving 

Compared to standard procedures NANOS preserves bone stock, especially on the femoral neck as well as around the metaphysis and the greater trochanter16.


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