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Biofilm Consensus Guidelines

10 experts, 10 recommendations, 1 consensus

10 global biofilm experts across scientific and clinical disciplines have agreed on a series of recommendations designed to add clarity and guidance to core issues in wound biofilm understanding, diagnosis and treatment.

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Consensus guidelines for the identification and treatment of biofilms in chronic non-healing wounds

Prof. Gregory Schultz, Dr. Randy Wolcott, Prof. Thomas Bjarnsholt, Dr. Matthew Malone, Prof. Masahiro Tachi, Terry Swanson, Prof. David Leaper, Prof. Paul Stoodley, Dr Garth James, Dr. Andrew McBain.


Read the summary document [PDF]

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Why is a consensus needed?

  • Conflicting opinion around biofilm in chronic wounds may lead to inappropriate treatment
  • Clarification to separate fact from fiction and increase biofilm understanding
  • Scientific understanding of biofilm needs to be combined with clinical reality
  • Clear recommendations for the diagnosis and treatment of biofilm in chronic wounds
  • Key criteria to determine the most effective anti-biofilm treatments