All Tears All Repairs - Expanding the possibilities of Meniscal Repair
Regardless of a surgeon’s preferred approach, the location or type of operable meniscal tear, Smith + Nephew has a solution.

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  • Meniscal Repair with Circumferential Compression Stitching

    Dr Justin Saliman.

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    Expanding the discussion on meniscal repair solutions and outcomes, this webinar focused on circumferential compression stitching with the NOVOSTITCH PRO Meniscal Repair System. With a detailed overview of relevant knee anatomy and instrument design, Dr Saliman demonstrates the procedure while outlining how it contributes to outcomes across various tear types.

  • Meniscal Repair – Repair Techniques and STITCH Evidence

    Dr David C Flanigan, Dr Seth Sherman, and Dr Sabrina Strickland.

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    A case-based discussion of techniques, strategies, and clinical evidence for meniscal repair. Comparing the advantages of resection versus repair, and the key reasons for preservation, the faculty share insights on pre-operative assessment, surgical approach, and device selection across various tear types and challenges; including when to use circumferential compression stitching.