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Terms & Conditions and Warranties - Products

Terms & Conditions - Products

Please select the Terms & Conditions specific to your market from the following list. If your market is not listed below, please contact your market's main sales office for further assistance.


Warranty Periods - Products

For customers outside the U.S., Canada and European Union, please contact your market’s main sales office for information on warranty periods.  

For customers in the U.S., Canada and European Union, the following warranty periods apply:

Advanced Wound Management Products

For the Warranty Periods of the products purchased on or after September 12, 2022 in the United States, please click here. Otherwise, the following Warranty Periods apply. Smith & Nephew reserves the right to modify these Warranty Periods at any time:


 Warranty Period


Two (2) years from date of delivery to original buyer

VERSAJET Hydro Surgical Systems

One (1) year from date of delivery to original buyer

All RENASYS NPWT and VERSAJET disposables and accessories

On date of delivery to original buyer


On date of delivery to original buyer

Leaf Patient Monitoring System 

One hundred eighty (180) days from the date of delivery to original buyer 

All other Advanced Wound Management Products (e.g., Biologics, Burn Care, IV Site Care, Preps and Solvents, Skin Care)

On date of delivery to original buyer

* See Smith & Nephew’s product catalogue for complete listing of specific Advanced Wound Management product names. Indicates trademark of Smith & Nephew.

If a refund or credit is provided pursuant to the warranty terms, such will be in the amount of the purchase price of such products, except for equipment the refund will be based on the following straight line depreciation schedule: three (3) years for RENASYS equipment; two (2) years for VERSAJET equipment.


Orthopaedics - Reconstruction and Trauma Products

One hundred eighty (180) days from date of purchase from Smith & Nephew; except for NAVIO® products, one (1) year from date of installation.


Endoscopy - Sports Medicine and ENT Products (Other than ArthroCare Corporation manufactured products)

For particular Endoscopy Product warranty period details, please refer to the following Smith & Nephew website: Endoscopy Warranty Periods

For reusable Sports Medicine Products not listed on the website referenced in the previous paragraph, please reference such product’s Instructions For Use (IFU) for the applicable warranty period.

For the warranty periods for other Sports Medicine and ENT products (other than ArthroCare Corporation manufactured products), or for other warranty information, please contact Smith & Nephew’s technical support at 1-800-343-5717, option 2.

A 90-day warranty on repairs applies to the defective component repaired.


ArthroCare Corporation Manufactured Products

For any products for which ArthroCare Corporation is the legal manufacturer, the product warranty (including warranty length) is as stated in the Instructions For Use (IFU) for the product. (See product packaging for the name of the legal manufacturer.) 


MyIntellio End User License Terms and Conditions

Click here to view information regarding the MyIntellio End User License Terms and Conditions.