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Caring for the environment

A healthy environment has a significant positive impact on quality of life. We are committed to optimising the impacts of our business operation on the environment.

Our focus on the environment

Environmental issues are considered alongside all our business decisions, from new product design and development to manufacturing at our operations locations.

In 2016 we achieved significant water savings, but challenges still remain to reduce waste, energy and greenhouse gas emissions.

A focus on energy and emissions

The process of optimising our facility footprint has resulted in the temporary duplication of some processes and supporting functions.

In 2016, our energy use across the Group increased by 5% with a corresponding 5% increase in greenhouse gas emissions.

To reverse this trend and to reduce our immediate environmental impacts, we have implemented a series of short to medium term investments.

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Reducing waste

We always try to use materials more efficiently and reduce the volumes of potentially harmful waste that we generate.

Each of our manufacturing locations has targets to reduce waste and improve recycling, and we are challenging our New Product Development teams to find new ways to recycle our product ranges after use.

Conserving water

As a result of investments made in 2016, we have achieved an 11% decrease in the volume of water consumed across the Group.

Read about our improvements to water saving at our Memphis manufacturing location

Innovating for sustainable packaging

Our packaging teams are divided into development teams and process engineering. The development work focuses on new product launches, and a team of engineers have created a ‘sustaining group’ formed of experts who are tasked with quality initiatives.

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Sustainability report 2017

Sustainability is better business.


Case studies

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