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Chief Executive Officer's review

Dear Shareholder,

In 2016 I was pleased with our performance in areas such as Sports Medicine and Knee Implants, where we maintained strong momentum. However, whilst we delivered growth in 2016, it was not at the level we had wanted. Market conditions in China and the Gulf States together shaved more than a percentage point of growth off the Group in the year.

As we enter 2017, I am confident we now have the right structure and capability in place and are focused on improving execution across the Group, with a clear set of actions underway. As a result, I expect us to deliver a stronger performance in 2017.

Commercial progress

In our Established Markets, 2016 highlights included the performance across Sports Medicine, where we continue to reap the benefits of the acquisition of ArthroCare. PICO™, our novel single-use Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) system, is transforming the use of this therapy option. Our world class Knee Implant portfolio was further strengthened by the acquisition of NAVIO™, an exciting robotics-assisted surgery platform, from which we delivered more than 50% revenue growth in 2016.

"We have spent the last five years reshaping Smith & Nephew to make the Company more agile, stronger, more efficient and simpler. We are proud of what we have done."

Most of our Emerging Markets businesses generated double-digit growth as we benefited from our investments in recent years. In China, the slow-down in end-markets seen since mid-2015 was compounded by destocking in the distributor channel. By the end of the year most franchises had returned to positive growth as the level of stock in the channel was adjusted. In the oil-dependent Gulf States we also saw difficult trading conditions. As a matter of course we expect to see some volatility in the Emerging Markets, but we continue to see significant long-term growth potential and are very well positioned in our chosen markets.

Delivering innovation

We continue to innovate for value with new product launches and disruptive business models. A number of important new platforms were introduced in 2016. In Sports Medicine we successfully launched our new LENS™ Surgical Imaging System and the WEREWOLF™ COBLATION System for resecting soft tissue. We also introduced the ULTRABUTTON™ Adjustable Fixation Device which provides advanced fixation strength for soft tissue to bone fixation in ACL/PCL repair and reconstruction.

In Knee Implants we began limited market release of our JOURNEY™ II XR, an innovative bi‑cruciate retaining knee and the newest addition to the JOURNEY II Active Knee family. We also conducted the first total knee procedures on the NAVIO platform in 2016. In Hip Implants we added to the REDAPT™ Revision System with a new Acetabular Fully Porous Cup designed for cases where compromised bone makes implant fixation and stability more difficult.

In 2016 we also delivered significant efficiencies. Our Group Optimisation programme realised the expected $120 million of savings one year ahead of schedule.

And we created compelling value when we divested our Gynaecology business for $350 million. We returned the proceeds to shareholders through a $300 million share buy-back.

Focused on execution

Over the last few years we have undertaken a fundamental restructuring of Smith & Nephew to improve both our ability to serve our customers in market, and our efficiency. This has included changing the management structure and teams in every market to bring them under a single country managing director, a process we completed in 2016. This has not been without disruption, partly caused by some office re-locations, but now the new teams are bedding into their new roles. We now have the appropriate structure to succeed and are focused on serving our customers without any distractions in 2017.

We are also developing the tools to support better execution. In 2016 we strengthened our commercial platform by creating a global commercial organisation under a newly created role of Chief Commercial Officer. Tasked with driving commercial performance across the Group, this organisation includes our commercial regions and the global marketing teams for our product franchises. It also includes a Commercial Excellence team which is focused on bringing material improvements in areas such as pricing strategy and sales force excellence across the Group, starting in 2017.

We are targeting an increase in disruptive innovation. In 2016 I appointed a President of Research and Development, reporting directly to me, to lead a newly formed single global R&D organisation. In addition to executing our technology pipeline, this leader will be responsible for driving breakthrough innovation and defining a clear path from concept to market. In 2017 the team is focused on increasing productivity, improving processes and better leveraging our resources and expertise.

A more aligned organisation has also allowed us to centralise our approach to developing evidence that demonstrates the clinical and economic benefits of our products, supporting our commercial teams in positioning our products more effectively.

Finally, we will continue to drive efficiency, with programmes underway to optimise global manufacturing, strengthen our supply chain, upgrade our IT infrastructure and deliver shared business services across the Group. We are well set to deliver a stronger performance, generating higher revenue growth and a better trading profit margin in the future.

Thank you

As you know I undertook medical treatment during 2016 and I want to thank shareholders and employees who sent me their best wishes during this time. Moreover, I want to thank all of our employees who continue to strive to deliver on our commitments, embodying a Smith & Nephew culture immersed in our values of innovation, trust and performance. It is good to be back at work full-time amongst such inspiring people.

We have spent the last five years reshaping Smith & Nephew to make the Company more agile, stronger, more efficient and simpler. We are proud of what we have done. 2017 will see a strong emphasis on execution. Beyond this, with our innovative products and deep customer relationships, we are well set to deliver a stronger performance, generating higher revenue growth and a better trading profit margin in the future. 

I am energised by our prospects and I look forward to updating you on our progress during the year.

Yours sincerely,

Olivier Bohuon

Chief Executive Officer